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Blevins Great in “Boom Boom” — A Critic’s Review


Read Terry Mayo’s review of In The Boom Boom Room–published in the December issue of the Murfreesboro Pulse.


Bryan Sunday-Booth To Hold CD Release Party December 21 at Out Front


From Bryan’s blog:

Good afternoon, dear readers. As I’ve been working on music for the upcoming CD, I’m found that much of it relies on unexpected or almost halting melodies and chord progressions. When my wife was listening to the opening track, she commented that the notes didn’t quite go where she wanted them to go. I explained that I definitely understood that; the opening track, entitled Cane, is about relearning to walk after my surgery. The album is about dealing with 18 months of cancer – from diagnosis to treatment – and all the emotional baggage that accompanies such a journey. To be honest, there’s a great deal that may seem out of place; but that has been my life. I’ve been gradually readjusting to my new condition, but I’m definitely not there yet. The voice of my internal monologue (contrary to popular belief, I do have one) is still my pre-surgery voice, and perhaps that will always be the case. I’ll probably write more about this in the weeks to come, but now let me offer another musical sample.

The opening to Cane:

Have you ordered your copy yet? (Yep, this is shameless self-promotion; what can I say?) Stay tuned for all the details on the release party.

Until next time, dear readers, take care of each other.


Reservations can be made at

Adopt A Sailor Auditions — December 12-13


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