Out Front On Main, Inc. is stoked to present THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES, written by Arj Barker, Doug Benson and Tony Camin. THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES is a “hit” unlike anything you have ever seen. Catch the buzz as performers riff on the rites and rituals of pot and regale the crowd with the highs and lows of marijuana.  Told from all points of view from hazy to highbrow, THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES never loses the pot…er point, demonstrating that the stories surrounding the bud are as varied as those who indulge. THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES sets herb centerstage, delving into fact and fiction, myths and misnomers alike. Not since the 60s has there been such an exploration of this oft-taboo but totally titillating topic. Watch a sneak preview of the original production below:

Disclaimer: This production does not glorify drug use. Rather, it illustrates that cannabis culture is a thing of substance, humor and creativity.