Out Front on Main, Inc. is pleased to host Ohio Comedian Shawn Boyd and friends April 5-7 at 9PM. Tickets are $8. Out Front on Main, Inc. is located at 1511 E. Main Street in historic downtown Murfreesboro beside MTSU. Info and Reservations: (615) 869-8617 or www.outfront…onmain.com

Shawn Boyd a sky-scraping, energy crammed comedian that salutes the room of people that have come to enjoy the un-fabricated gossip that makes our crazy world sane. Shawn’s material encompasses childhood follies, joys and bounds of fatherhood, the challenges of hounding the “Other Gender”….being single and current delivery of our immediate world. From diaper rashes to “seasoned citizens”, Shawn’s harmless methods show a lot of teeth in the rows from front to back. Kyle Cease says “ Shawn is one of the best young talents out with a lot of good energy” The Disgruntled Clown says “ Shawn is my favorite one of them….comics” and Jayson Cross says “ Shawn’s energy is contagious to everyone around the room”.

Anthony Savatt: Two years removed from a lucrative accounting career that included benefits and a pension, Anthony continues to wow audiences with his lack of regret, sophisticated audit of basic human flaws, and complete disregard for modern hygiene.  He currently tours clubs and colleges around the country all while hosting his own talk show on Kent State’s “Black Squirrel Radio.” His investment in his passion has put a hold on returning to his desk job any time soon.
Jeremy Sheer finds a wellspring of comedic material from the horrible
decisions he’s made with his life.  A former drug dealer turned comic
in an attempt to con the system into allowing him to remain
unemployed, Sheer’s audiences recoil with laughter and revulsion at
his bawdy autobiographical stories.  Calling him edgy would imply that
he’s trying to be as dirty as he is.  That’s just not the case.
Jeremy Sheer lives life in the gutter and refuses to leave despite his
teenage daughter and ailing family members.  Some comedians goal is to
headline their local comedy club and get on TV.  Sheer has
circumvented the clubs and television in order to develop his act away
from censors and corporate interests.  He can be heard on 89.3 WCSB
Cleveland Saturday Nights on Mohammed’s Radio along with his cavalcade
of degenerate callers.  If you don’t come and see him perform, an owl
will fly into your house and kill you.  Save yourself.
In addition, the talent of local comedians with join the line-up each night.
Thursday: Nashville’s Bryce Damuth, Friday: JDubb, Saturday: Gary Dull. Also joining the line-up is Derek Dawson.