Gary Dull headlines Out Front on Main, Inc. this Weekend

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Out Front on Main, Inc. is pleased to host Comedian Gary Dull February 16-18 at 9pm. Tickets $8. Info and reservations: (615) 869-8617 or
Looked at somewhat differently, the name goes hand in hand with the type of comedy he does, which might be des…cribed as “redneck shtick.” When Gary Dull, dressed in hunting camouflage and a t-shirt, walks out onstage he is
your basic hillbilly, beer-guzzling, country redneck. He makes jokes about working for a roofing company, living in a house trailer, and getting into arguments with his wife. The humor is coarse, and often crosses the line into the realm of “adult humor”—but it cracks the audiences up.The comedy of Gary Dull has been described as clever, provocative, silly, sometimes juvenile. But the most common phrase heard after one of Gary’s shows is, “That guy was funny.” By mixing his human insights with a variety of good old fashioned country humor, Gary has wowed audiences throughout the Southeast.

Dinner With Friends Celebrates Two Years

We are Back at Bluesboro Feb. 26th

It’s Back! Out Front on Main Comedy Night at Bluesboro.  This time our Headliner is the Hilarious Monty Mitchell, Featured Comedian Jessica Carter, guest comics are Bob Marchman, Erica McKown and Patrick Gaffney with Brad Hinderliter as emcee. Following the comedy showcas…e is music by Tendeez. This feature filled evening is $7. at the door or presale tickets at Out Front on Main for $5. Information or reservations (615) 869-8617. Bluesboro is located at 114 N. Church Street. For presale tix Out Front on Main is located at 1511 E. Main Street. Check with the bartenders all evening for drink specials.

Sunday, February 26, 2012
  • 8:30pm until 1am
  • A Review: Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

    For Those Who Listen


    Five Women Wearing the Same Dress, Molly Breen, Sherry Sunday Booth, Christy Eidson, Tara McBay, Lora Hortert

    Out Front Goes Balls Out
    The new year brought a new production to the stage at Out Front on Main with the staging of Alan Ball’s Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. This dramedy revolves around the bridesmaids in hiding during a wedding reception for a bride the audience never meets face-to-face. Admirably directed by Out Front Executive George Manus, this show was a heady, rollicking blast that still stirred deep emotions within its audience.

    The ensemble cast for Five Women was simply extraordinary. Molly Breen, Christy Eidson, Lora Hortert, Tara McBay and Sherry Sunday Booth each shined in her role. Breen’s Frances, a devout Christian embarrassed by the perceived vulgarity of the other bridesmaids, was a stark contrast from her previous foray onto the stage at Out Front. Eidson’s Georgeanne was raucous and witty, not unlike the comedienne herself. Hortert’s Trisha was reminiscent of a Southern everywoman; her performance was genuine and touching. McBay’s Mindy was blunt, forthright, and absolutely hilarious. Sunday Booth’s Merideth was bracing and ebullient; her tipsy toddlings of the second act were laced with enough schadenfreude to make even puppets blush.

    Set against the singular backdrop of Merideth’s bedroom, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress invites the audience to join them for a series of interwoven conversations spelled out over a single afternoon and evening that charted their similarities and their differences. This mysterious trap that held more laughter and surprises than anyone may have anticipated. The efforts creative team of Manus and assistant director/stage manager Ryan Vogel were obviously thoughtful and painstakingly detailed. The set was functional and complete without being crowded; the music was inspired, and it added several poignant notes to the production.

    Overall, Five Women was a delightful show. Manus has set for himself a high bar for the rest of the 2012 season at Out Front on Main, and this writer encourages you to take in a show there as soon as possible.