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Auditions: Rabbit Hole and Jeffrey


Out Front on Main, Inc. is pleased to present auditions for two powerful shows. For Information and reservation (615) 516-6279 or Out Front on Main, Inc. is located at 1511 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro, in historic downtown. No Prepared material is required. Auditions are Sunday and Monday, June 12-13 from 6-8pm.

Rabbit Hole Directed for the stage by George W. Manus, Jr. runs for two week-ends in July.
Rabbit Hole is a play written by David Lindsay-Abaire. It was the recipient of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play deals with the ways family members survive a major loss, and includes comedy as well as drama.
Characters (in order of appearance) Izzy—Becca’s irresponsible but well-wishing sister. Unwed but in a relationship with Auggie. She is pregnant throughout the duration of the play. This creates tension between her and Becca because Becca thinks it’s not fair that Izzy has a child and she doesn’t.
Becca—Howie’s wife in her late thirties. She is usually a very responsible and sensible person, but makes some harsh decisions throughout the play because of grief. Howie accuses her of subconsciously trying to “erase” Danny by selling the house and erasing one of Danny’s baby videos.
Howie—Becca’s husband in his late thirties. Very caring, but has a hard time dealing with Danny’s death, which causes him to be angry and depressed (though he hides it as much as possible)
Nat—Izzy and Becca’s mother. Voice of reason for her daughters. She helps Howie and Becca in the moving process and provides motherly experience to Becca. Her son (Becca’s brother, Arthur) a heroin addict, died of suicide at the age of 30.
Jason Willette—17-year-old boy who accidentally hit Danny with his car, leading to Danny’s death. Lives with his mom; his father’s whereabouts are never revealed but the writing suggests he’s dead. He enjoys science fiction and writes a story about rabbit holes in Danny’s memory

Jeffrey directed by Buddy R. Jones runs for three week-ends in August.
Jeffrey, the title character of Paul Rudnick’s wildly funny new comedy, is a gay man in his mid-30′s who, exhausted from negotiating safe sex, decides to become celibate. It’s not that he hasn’t had his share of adventure. Acclaimed writer Paul Rudnick (I Hate Hamlet, In & Out), crafts this Obie Award-winning romantic comedy that follows the title character, a gay actor and waiter, who’s just given up trying to find love in the treacherous HIV/AIDS landscape of 1990s New York when he meets the man of his dreams. Roles available for many actors of various age, sex and race.

Zoo Story/Therac 25 Opens May 19 for Three Week-ends


Out Front on Main, Inc. is pleased to present a showcase of challenging and thought provoking One Acts opening in May. Edward Albee’s Zoo Story directed by Ryan Daniel and Therac 25 directed by Buddy Jones will run May 19-June 5, Thursdays-Sundays at 7:30pm. For Information and reservation (615) 516-6279 or Out Front on Main, Inc. is located at 1511 E. Main Street, Murfreesboro. Tickets are $10. general admission and $5. students/seniors.

The Zoo Story: This one-act play concerns two characters, Peter (George W. Manus, Jr.) and Jerry (Justin Hand). Peter is a middle-class publishing executive with a wife, two daughters, two cats and two parakeets who lives in ignorance of the world outside his settled life. Jerry is an isolated and disheartened man who lives in a boarding house and is very troubled. These men meet on a park bench in New York City’s Central Park. Jerry is desperate to have a meaningful conversation with another human being. He intrudes on Peter’s peaceful state by interrogating him and forcing him to listen to stories from his life, including “THE STORY OF JERRY AND THE DOG”, and the reason behind his visit to the zoo. The action is linear, unfolding in front of the audience in “real time”. The elements of ironic humor and unrelenting dramatic suspense are brought to a climax when Jerry brings his victim down to his own savage level.
The catalyst for the shocking ending transpires when Peter announces, “I really must be going home;…” Jerry, in response, begins to tickle Peter. Peter giggles, laughs and agrees to listen to Jerry finish telling “what happened at the zoo.” At the same time Jerry begins pushing Peter off the bench. Peter decides to fight for his territory on the bench and becomes angry. Unexpectedly, Jerry pulls a knife on Peter, and then drops it as initiative for Peter to grab. Bleeding on the park bench, Jerry finishes his zoo story by bringing it into the immediate present, “Could I have planned all this. No… no, I couldn’t have. But I think I did.”

Therac 25: Therac 25 is a play about two young people who meet and embark on a relationship in the cancer ward of Princess Margaret Hospital. The first question one must ask is why would anyone choose such a bleak setting to present a love story? For the play’s author Adam Pettle the script was a survival mechanism to preoccupy himself during radiation therapy after a stay in the hospital in 1995. Extremely well developed characters suffering from two forms of cancer are what navigate Therac 25. Alan’s (Andy Woloszyn) is less serious while Moira’s (Heather Danielson) is inoperable. Drawing empathy for them doesn’t appear to be a great challenge. The obstacle at hand is immersing theatregoers in deep seeded fear and allowing them to ache for hope. Alan and Moira meet while undergoing cancer treatment. Their companionship and humour help them struggle against isolation and fear, even while their personal boundaries and Moira’s worsening condition strain their bond. Adam Pettle’s Therac 25 reveals how friendships form under the most difficult circumstances

L to R: Jusin Hand and George W. Manus, Jr.

The Zoo Story

Adopt A Sailor another Out Front success.


Director Bob Fish created and fashioned another Out Front masterpiece in February.  Playing to sold out crowds (many of who were in attendance multiple times), Adopt A Sailor wowed audiences.  Congratulations to Kelly Northcutt Hayes, John Mack Green, and Nathan Leavitt on a fantastic show.  Executive Producer Chris Carnett, who traveled from Houston, Texas for the show, was glowing in his review: “This is a witty comedy about real issues.  What is so great about this show is its relative simplicity.  No elaborate costumes, sets, and musical numbers distracting you from the lack of quality and content–just three amazing performers crafting a brilliant story.  Great job by all.”

The Pillowman Cast List



Tupolski…Justin Hand

Katurian…Buddy Jones

Ariel…Andy Woloszyn

Michal…Jared Pickett


The Ensemble: Brenna Todd, Steven Luster, Sherry Sunday Booth, Maryjean Goedicke, Patrick Goedicke, Tia Green and Zach Parker

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