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Adopt A Sailor another Out Front success.


Director Bob Fish created and fashioned another Out Front masterpiece in February.  Playing to sold out crowds (many of who were in attendance multiple times), Adopt A Sailor wowed audiences.  Congratulations to Kelly Northcutt Hayes, John Mack Green, and Nathan Leavitt on a fantastic show.  Executive Producer Chris Carnett, who traveled from Houston, Texas for the show, was glowing in his review: “This is a witty comedy about real issues.  What is so great about this show is its relative simplicity.  No elaborate costumes, sets, and musical numbers distracting you from the lack of quality and content–just three amazing performers crafting a brilliant story.  Great job by all.”

Adopt A Sailor — Scene Review


I sum this play up as a peek into the lives of two very self absorbed snobs who aren’t really living, just existing together, very unhappily I might add. Enter a fresh faced, young little southern sailor who hasn’t forgotten what his mama taught him about being polite and hospitable.
As the play evolves you realize the young innocent sailor, whose future is very uncertain, is wise beyond his years in ways he don’t even realize. Not yet jaded by life and the nasty stuff that can make you oblivious to your own shortcomings, allows this couple to see what they have become, and it ain’t pretty.  The cast is superb. Northcutt really brings it, ball busting at it’s best! You sort of feel sorry for her husband, played by Green, but you also want to slap him as well. He delivers a hilarious performance.  The sailor is the real star here, played by Leavitt, who totally owns this role. He is so convincing you almost forget he is acting. He reminds me of so many young optimistic soldiers who do the ‘right thing’ without even blinking an eye. You want to take him under your wing and protect him. Then you realize that he is the one who is going to protect us. Kinda makes you put things in perspective.   Another must see from Out Front. Bob Fish has done an excellent job with this. I went in not knowing anything about the play and was completely entertained. Tough subject matter portrayed in a delightful, funny thought provoking way. It may even make you re- evaluate a few things in your own life, if you allow it to.

We’re Nashville Scene’s Critic’s Pick — AGAIN!


In 2002, playwright and naval reservist Charles Evered crafted a 10-minute sketch, “Adopt a Sailor,” in response to 9/11. His original version referenced the tragedy directly and became part of a theatrical presentation in New York City commemorating the event’s first anniversary. Evered later expanded the piece into a longer one-act, which focused on military service, society’s view of military personnel, and U.S. political and cultural conflicts. Here, a young navy corpsman from Arkansas spends the evening with an affluent but dysfunctional Upper East Side couple whose marriage appears to be near its end. Bob Fish, who had a big success with ACT I’s 2009 production of The Mikado, directs this hilarious, caustic yet tender study of the clash of regional differences — innocence vs. sophistication — while also examining the value in respecting others and their opinions. Nathan Leavitt, John Mack Green and Kelly Northcutt Hayes star. A discussion with cast and artistic team follows each performance.

— Martin Brady

“Adopt A Sailor” Audience Review


“What a powerful production!! It touches all the emotions and makes one consider the “state of life” in which we live. [I wish I] stayed for the discussion group following the performance. There’s still two weekends to see this awesome work! I encourage you to make your reservations now!!” — Sarah Jones Johnson

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