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Talking With First Look — Dec 14 Read-through


Get a behind the scenes look at our first read-through for January’s all-woman show: “Talking With…”

Adopt A Sailor Auditions — December 12-13


“Talking With” starts January 13!


Talking With…

Directed for the stage by George W. Manus, Jr.

January 13-30, 2011

Tickets $10 / $5 Students + Faculty

Talking With… by Jane Martin is a delightful set of emotional monologues. This play shows some in-depth emotion on various topics. Simply speaking, this play seems to show many lessons that were learned by each of the

women portrayed in the scenes. The dramatic question is somewhat different from other plays. That means there seems to be a lesson to be taught rather than a question to be answered. Each monologue has its own topic and each character must teach the lesson that she once learned.

Each of the ten monologues has only one character. Each of the women in this play is very well characterized by both their dress and their speech/delivery manner. Because of the way in which each woman delivers her lines you can determine how well she taught herself and the audience the lesson. Each of them relates a very painful lesson that she had learned earlier in her life. It seems that each of them is relating the tale of life well learned by convincing themselves as well as the audience that life is worth living.

Monologue + Cast List

  1. Clear Glass Marbles…Deanna Payne
  2. Audition…Shara Connell
  3. Rodeo…Kelly Northcutt Hayes
  4. Handler… Alexius DeAnn
  5. French Fries…Cheryle Zachery Smith
  6. Marks…Sherry Sunday-Booth

Adopt A Sailor CAST List


Adopt A Sailor:  Cast List
  1. Patricia — Kelly Northcutt Hayes
  2. Sailor — Nathan Leavitt
  3. Richard — John Mack Green

Directed by Bob Fish

February 10–27, 2011

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